Machinery, Factory & Plant Relocation

Moving Machinery or Whole Plant within a factory or to a new location, Tristek can help with all aspects of the Machinery Relocations and integration or whole factory/Plant Relocations

Machinery and Factory Relocations

  • Factory and plant Relocations
  • Machinery Relocations - Disconnect & Reconnect Power and Interfacing Signals
  • Disconnection - > Dismantling -> Transport -> Installation -> Commissioning
  • Documentation of Existing System (Electrical, Pneumatic & Positions)
  • PLC, HMI, Equipment & Device Configuration Backups
  • Electrical disconnection/reconnection and commissioning
  • Single Machine Relocation to Whole Factory Relocation
  • Full turnkey project management
  • Can provide Supervisors and Qualified Electrical & Mechanical tradesman
  • Food Machinery, Plant Relocation, Packaging Machinery Relocations
  • Upgrades to control systems and line integration
  • Machinery Movers and Commissioning

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