Breakdown Maintenance

When equipment fails, it often leads to downtime in production. In most cases this is costly to the business. Tristek can provides 24/7 breakdown maintenance

Urgent Breakdowns
Call (02) 9627 9011

Preventative Maintenance

We can create specific schedules for all equipment requiring preventative maintenance and provide the Labour to complete those tasks with detailed reports of what work has been done and what work needs to be done to keep the plant running and minimise downtime.

Shift Coverage

Shift Coverage for Industrial Electricians and Mechanical Fitters, Day Night & Afternoons, Tristek employee & train Industrial Electricians who are familiar with PLC & Control Systems as well as a wide range of industrial Power Systems

Site Support Maintenance

Tristek also provide Maintenance Electricians & Fitters for full time onsite maintenance.
Industrial Automation Engineers (Software, Mechatronics & Electrical) Support for Site Control Systems.

Additional Maintenance Services

  • PLC Faulting Finding & Improvements
  • Electrical Fault finding, Equipment Replacement & Repair
  • Replace & Inspection field devices & wiring
  • Source & Replacement of electrical Components
  • Replacement or repair of damaged cabling
  • Electrical Maintenance - Repairs & Replacements
  • HMI/SCADA PC Upgrades & replacements
  • Industrial communications Fault Finding
  • Provide support for KUKA robots
  • Industrial PC maintenance & support
  • Repair of machinery, metal fabrication & welding
  • Rebuilding old parts
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic system Maintenance
  • Hold Spares for Tristek manufactured machines
  • Mechanical Maintenance - Machine Repairs & Upgrades
  • Machine Maintenance and Plant Equipment Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance Schedules
  • Industrial Machine Repairs and Modifications

Other Services

Preventative Maintenance Management
Let Tristek Create Maintenance Schedules for your business