PLC Control System Audit & Backup

Auditing and documentation of your systems to help minimise downtime and costs associated with breakdowns

Control System Audit

  • Document all PLC, SCADA & Control Equipment Onsite
  • Document Equipment and software required for PLC/HMI Access
  • Download All Programs, Print to PDF or Hard Copy
  • Scan/Copy Existing Electrical Drawings or ReDraw
  • Backup PLC Programs both at Tristek and on the cloud for customer access
  • Advise on obsolete parts and source parts no longer provided by suppliers
  • Identifying major risks, Issues or problems that may occur with the system
  • Ongoing Support when issues arise
  • Control System Upgrades and migration of code from one provider to another
  • Replacement & Upgrades of components and sensors to Commonly used parts in Australia
  • Upgrade and Integration of Equipment from overseas or second hand equipment
  • PLC Backups & Archiving
  • PLC Battery Replacements and Spare parts sourcing

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