Safety Upgrades

Laminating Line Guarding & Safety

A 30 year old line with minimal safety required the upgrade of its safety system. The Line consisted of a Rolling Press, Hot Glue Area, Conveyors, Product Flipping Machines, Saw Booths and Palletiser

Upgrade Features

  • Allen Bradley SmartGuard 600 Safety PLC
  • Guard I/O Modules
  • DeviceNET Communications
  • Function Block Programming of Safety Functions (RSNetworks DNET)
  • Installation of Guard doors, Replacement of old emergency stop buttons, Install and wire guard switch's, Light Curtain for Palletiser
  • Integration with existing line control with staged stopping of machinery

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Mill & Oven Safety Upgrade

A Food Processing line with a basic safety system required an upgrade to comply with site safety standards.


  • Allen Bradley GuardLogix Safety PLC
  • Allen Bradley PointIO Safety Modules
  • Ethernet/IP Communications
  • Ladder Logix Safety Programming (RSLogix 5000)
  • Guardlogix Magnetic Guard Switches & Lockable Guard Switches
  • Banner Emergency Stops With Local Status Illumination
  • Upgrade safety on Grain Mill
  • Guard Switching with Maintenance Jog Function on Sheeter Machine Doors
  • Banner Emergency Stops With Local Status Illumination
  • Oven Door Fortress Lock System and Maintenance Jog Feature
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