Vertical Accumulation Conveyor

A purpose-built lifting Vertical Accumulator Conveyor machine that will allow for the accumulation of product by lifting and storing vertically. Small Footprint, can be retro fitted to existing lines

Machine Features

  • Built as a first-in last-out (FILO) accumulator that allows for downstream stoppages without the stopping upstream production.
  • Built from stainless Steal (Food Industry), Light Wash down Areas. Options available for no food industries
  • Adjustable flights allow for changes to production and easy maintenance
  • Fast And Accurate Indexing without the need for Servo Motor Control
  • Uses a Standard Motor and Encoder Loop System to allow for more lifting power and reduced cost over a Servo Motor System
  • HMI Operator & Diagnostics screen, Standard System is a Allen-Bradly PLC & Panelview Plus HMI. Can be changed to meet site standards
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC, Panelview Plus 6 HMI
  • PowerFlex Drive & Ethernet/IP Encoder,
  • Safety System Includes, DriveGaurd, E-Stops & AB Guardmaster Safety Relay with SensaGuard - RFID Guard Switches
  • Ethernet/IP Communications
  • Movable Operator Control Panel, Swivel Mounted for Access on both sides
  • Easy to Use HMI Control, Safety, Machine Diagnostics, Alarms & Operation Both Automatic & Manual, User Access Control

Past Project Requirements (TVA-7170 Model)

  • The system must be able to lift three standard size cartons and allow for the different size configurations and amounts.
  • The lift sequences needs to be fast enough for the flow of the line.
  • The device is to accumulate when the downstream is full and dispense when the upstream has stopped.
  • The footprint available was a limiting factor being a maximum of 2m long x 1.2m wide.
  • The volume of storage required was for 3 minutes of downtime
  • The machine needed to run at a variable feed range of 20 cartons per minute and up to 100 cartons per minute, at 99% accuracy.
  • The maximum changeover time had to be within 1 hour and a maximum maintenance time of 1% production time per week.
  • The design required several maintenance free components that could run at high speed in a clean room and wash down environment.
  • A synchronised drive design was required to allow the process to work, and hence the need for a purpose designed and built gearbox using a single input shaft with dual synchronised output shaft.

Product Details (TVA-7170 Model)

    The TVA-01 Model was designed to accumulate 3 product Styles

  • Boxes 140mm width x 80mm height in all 21 rows (11 boxes x 20 rows = 220 boxes
  • Boxes 294mm width x 95mm height in every second row ( 7 boxes x 10 rows = 70 packs
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