Sand-Stone Ball Grinder

The Stone Ball grinding machine is a custom built machine that allows the operator to easily control the production of stone spheres.

Machine Features

  • Basic Pushbutton/Switch Control Panel with Adjustable Speed Control
  • Turn Table With High & Low Speed Adjustment, 360 degree rotation
  • Arm With High, Medium & Low Speed Adjustments, 180 degree Movement
  • Allen-Bradley PLC
  • SEW Movimot Drives and Encoders With Controller
  • CAM system for Arm Movement
  • CAT 3 Safety System, Safety Relay & E-Stop
  • Full Manual Control of Arm, Turntable & Grinder
  • Automatic Homing Sequence
  • Automatic Sequences - 4 Stage System (Grinding & Cutting)
  • Finishing Sequence for Smooth Finish
  • Allows to the Attachment of a standard handheld grinder, power controlled by system

Optional's & Upgrades

  • HMI Display For Control
  • Safety Gates
  • Permanent Heavy Duty Grinder

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