Past Projects


Other Projects

Machine Fault logging to central Database

SMS Message System for CO2 Plant

Overhead Platforms, Plant Platform, Platform Extensions

Mushroom Growing Machine Design

Pallet Repair Table Overhead Frame Design

Wentworth Bridge Upgrade

Access Walkway and Stairs

Pump System Designs

Barangaroo Water Reuse Plant

Hydrogenation (Oil Recycling) Bench Rig Prototype

Band saw Safety Upgrade

Oil Tank Air Agitation System

Kuka Robot Pattern Updates & Improvements

Cleaning Furnace PLC & HMI Programming

Pick and Place Plastic Forming Machine Control Upgrade

Kliklok Flap Detection

Polymer Shredder and Conveyor installation

Abbotsford Bridge

Food Machine Safety Upgrade

Potable Water Treatment Plant

Pallet QC Machines

Small Forklift and Operator Interaction Alert System

Design and manufacture safety bollards

Waste Treatment Plant Upgrade

Hot Oil System Boiler - Automated Start / Stop control

4th Cartridge Line and Robot Capacity Upgrade

Programming and Testing Additive Injector

Pallet Repair Assist Machines

Pallet Repair Facility - Plant Layout and Design

Fuji PLC Replacement/Upgrade (K660-C)

New Conveyor System Control for Food Product Boxes

Pallet Accumulation Line & In feed System

Plant SCADA MES System

Sublime Point Electrical Works

Pallet Pop Up Transfers & Gravity Roller Conveyor Wait Stations

Siemens Logo Machine Upgrade

Crane Remote Controllers

Light Curtain Installations

Oil Tank Relocation

Remote Control Of Pump via Wireless

Automated Lighting System

A/C Unit Platform in Roof Space Area

Belt Conveyor Repairs

Call out to Fault Find on Band saw

Platform Cantilevered Support Posts Manufacture

S5 PLC Faults Rovema

Rinse Platform and Fence Modifications

ph. Correction System

Optimising Filling and Discharge Sequence

New Desk Top HMI for Office

New sub-Mains from 1500kva sub

Safety Upgrade on flavour drum

Two sets rack and pinion gear assemblies

LTG2 Drive Shaft

Plant DB and Neutral Upgrade

Robot Breakdown & Maintenance

Slitting machine safety guarding

Pallet Stop

Repair Broken Press tool Parts

Australian Embassy Bangkok Potable Water Treatment Plant

Ultra filter program verification

Relocation of Analogue lines

lamination line saw booth cutting head brushes

Vacuum lift Pump Relocation

Printing Machine Breakdown

Discharge Pump Flow Control Programming

Fudge Cutter Breakdown

Removal of hopper and auger

Rovema Bagger Breakdown

Zone Style Fencing

Glass Cutter Breakdown

Platform Breakdown

Pre Heater Lamination Line

Toyo Line Bucket Conveyor

Pallet Plant Paint line Out feed Upgrade

Pallet Quality Control Machine for Dandenong

Pamasol Machine HMI Upload

Earth bonding of dust extraction

Pallet Bagger - Mechanical Corner Drives

Investigate Water Cooling Tower Operation

Replacement Jaw Assembly

Moulding machine 400 Breakdown

Multi Head Roller Dryer Installation

Fault Finding Delta PLC

Fuji Machine Moveable Base frame

Distribution Board Relocation

Tomato Paste Pump Machinery Strip Out

Repair to 3 inch pipeline under Tanks

Factory Wi-Fi Install

Replacement Safety Relay & Cabling

Forklift Access Apron with Pallet Stops

Waste Tipper Installation

Scalabrini HMI Upgrade

Tomato Paste Pump Installation Modifications

Kuka Robot Capacity Upgrade

Repair of agitator propeller

Glass panel cutting machine repair

PLC Upgrade S7-1200 (SPFL)

UPS relocation

Dust Extraction Control, Power & Programming

Barangaroo Water Treatment Plant Maintenance

Carton Taper Modifications

Westmead Hospital - Machine Breakdown

Chip Conveyor Modifications

Fault Finding Siemens PLC

Auscool Tank Calibration

Line support and extra programing request

Westmead Hospital SSF600

Rotary - Solar Water (Charity)

Check weigher Metal Detector Installation

Remote Control Of Pump via WIFI

Palm Oil Pipeline

Capper Machine & Omron Servo Control

Incline Lift - Control Programming

Food Plant Structural Engineering consultation

Install Fibre Optic Lead and patch panels

Pneumatic Test Station

Abbotsford Bridge SMS Alarming & Reporting

Service Call to Ferry 160 machine

Murray Goulburn Pit

Test and Tag - Various Customers

VSD Replacing DOL start disk motors

Replacement Guillotine line suction cups

Industrial Air Conditioner Supply

Vibrator Controller Installation

Turkish Filling machine sensor replacement

Waste Treatment Upgrade

Flow Wrapper Out feed Guarding

Autoclave machine communications Installation

Fuji Machine Manual Packing Line Refurbish

Conveyor Line Relocation

Kliklok Safety Upgrade

Platform Removal

Labeled Supply Chain Work Station Additions and Modifications

Nauta Mixer 1 & 2 Airline relocation

Potato Robags Installation

Pallet Repair Line - Plant Layout and Design

Saw Machine Baldor Drive Repair

Hot Oil System Boiler - Automated Start / Stop control

A/C unit Platform on Roof

Fault Find Rovema 1 Bagger D and End Cartoner faults

Train Shed Update & Program Evacuation System

205 Line Breakdown

Compressor breakdown

Glycerine Float Switches

Automated Motor home Design, HMI & Electrical System

Fault Find DHS Machine

New Handrail 1500mm High

De stacker Hydraulic Cylinder Mounting Plates

Plastic Welding Machine Installation

Siemens Logo Programming

Lighting for Vision System

Fault Find Barge Crane

Platform Lighting

Pallet stack out feed pallet stop

Dust Extraction Power

Kuka Robot Fault Finding

Fault Find Siemens S5 PLC

Mods to Conveyor Line

Mixer Line Platform Replacement

Mixer motor replacements

Mods to Guillotine out feed conveyor

Conveyor and cooling tunnel Modifications

Upgrade Distribution Board

Guard Switch Flow Wrapper

Replace Guard Switches

Replace Sprockets on Guillotine Line Out feed Conveyor

Replacement drive shaft, rollers, spacers and pins

Machining of Shaft

Complete Jaw Assembly

Robags Safety Upgrade

Ferry 450 PC Freezing

Tomato's Paste Hopper Installation

Dry Area Platform Extension

Rinse Lubrication solenoid relocations

Countec Hopper Electrical

Crane breakdown F450

Fuji Machine Encoder & Upgrades

Guyra Water Treatment Plant

Laminator Saw Booth Breakdown

Laminator Tension Roller Breakdown

Stainless Steel Pneumatic Pipe Work Mods

Checking Siemens PLC Operation

Inlet and Outlet Pipe Work Flanges for Wilden Pump

BBC capper machine fault finding

Stainless Steel Sheet metal Covers

Sublime Point Waste Water Treatment Electrical Works

Refurbishment of belt conveyor drive roller

Forklift alarm system

Lowerator Breakdown - Service call

Manufacture Printer Product Ejection Lids

Master device programming

MGC Air Handling Unit

Labour Hire

Lamination Line Breakdown in saw booth

Lamination Line Squaring station issues

Kliklok In feed Conveyor Motor

Saw booth conveyor repairs

Apple Recon Pump Upgrade

High Speed Dry Sachet Line Mechanical Modifications

Manufacture new stainless steel fence brackets

Cardboard Cutter

SMS System Fault Finding

Mesh Sieve Screens

Saw Booth Saw Blade Shaft

Fault find Rovema 2 Bagger A and Nordson Glue applicator

Manufacture Stainless Steel Covers

DOL Starters control panels

Manufacture IBC Frame for Water Plant

Programming for LTP and Remote Access

Programming & Electrical Fixes to TNA Sprayer Machine

Pump Interlock Sewer Pit - Barangaroo

Electrical Drafting - Electrical Hand Drawn to AutoCAD

Cut and Extend wall hanging Brackets

Manufacture Fill Nozzle

Gulf western oil plant maintenance

Repairs to Tronics labeler

Fault find PLC after power outage

Garbage Compacter PLC Software

Boiler Safety Fence Extension

Furness PLC Software Update

Caustic Pump Supply

Flap Detection System Small Boxes With Reject Line

Change PRD temp control

A/C unit Platform Design, Manufacture installation

D3 Machine Fault Finding

Hi Bay Lighting Installation

Incline lift self leveling concept design

Replacement Solar Inverter

big w refrigeration breakdown

Bin Lifter 3 phase outlet relocation

Central Palletiser Stretch Wrapper Modifications

Small Guillotine Line

Sewer treatment program change

Guillotine Line Infeed Conveyor belt and sprocket Replacement

Jar Fall Over Detection

Jar Line Platform Installation Safety Fence Modification

Metric Sets of Rack Pinion tracks

Fault Find Skandia Machine

Caustic Level Sensors

Filling Machine Program Change

Bucket Conveyor Install

Lamination Line Pallet Stacker

Stacker Pallet Lifter Fault Find & Repair

Supply and Install Safety Bollards

Temperature Control on Pumps

Fudge cutting machine Fault Finding

Pneumatic line in Tank Farm Repair

Ferry 450 CPU Fault Finding

Small Drop Saw - Pneumatic valve replacement

South Side Concrete Platform Handrail

Level Sensor Investigation

Crossfunner Cutting Machine Pneumatic Value Replacement

Solar - Santo Vanuatu

Stainless Steel Conveyor Walkover

Production Line Install

Programming and commission catering line

Band saw Breakdown

RC2000 Arm 3 Repair

Lime Motor Replacement

Crane Remove Pendant

BP Plant Maintenance

Crane Remote Controllers

Boiler Breakdown

Greystanes water skid

Guillotine Line Vacuum Transfer

Glycerine Pump Pipe work Modifications

Gravity Roller frame 1910mm

Glycerine IBC Stand Mods